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Friday, December 20, 2013

Wonderful words!

Holiday fun with crafts and kids & inspiration..

Make these wonderful "inspiring word ornaments" This is a really nice craft, for all year long, I love these! Use your fav word in your own creation!

Makes a truly nice looking item you could keep up all year round!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tatting tales

Happy holidays friends!

I am happy to learn needle tatting and shuttle tatting, yippee,

And I am starting to catch on!

Here is the class for shuttle tatting At

  I am learning about needle tatting from this great blog  She has a lot of neat ideas and free patterns.

 Visit   A fantastic store just for all kinds of tatting supplies!      For wonderful supplies and a fabulous catalogue you can ask for that is free, and a surprise inside.  

 Another place for great needle tat needles isThey have wonderful tatting needles , scissors, more!

Because of my strokes, it is almost impossible to Use my left hand to shuttle tat, however I find needle tatting so much easier to do.  I pray to make some gifts!
This is the poorest we have ever been, my honey lost his teaching job 18 mosaic. They got rid of all
Teachers at school the longest.

Get some mistletoe, for kisses are free. 

Shalom, grace

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Learning to weave....

FiberI have wanted to learn to weave since college ., my degree is in the dental field. I no longer work due to my illnesses, but I had developed a warm place in my heart for all things fiber in a single class I took. My advisor felt that I carried all work and nothing to relax and enjoy college. I remember learning thread counting per inch, how to figure out what a mystery fabric was made of, by testing, such as burning a small piece of the fabric and looking at what remains, noting the odor during burning. Then we learned weaving charts..hand painted and  lovely to see.... lastly how to set up a loom to weave the design .
I forgot what peace I found in this class. But I seemed to fondly recall the weaving. 
In the last weeks I have busied myself watching weaving videos. I love it all!   Even as a cild I had a plastic loom with built in batten. I loved that loom. Although pieces were no bigger than8 x10 at largest, it was fun!! 
I am trying to decide , card weaving, of which I know nothing, I do not have an inkle loom, or backstrap weaving.. Where do you find the sticks?  Or a heddle loom.,but money is at a low.
So I ask you dear readers.
 What type  of weaving is easiest to start  and least expensive? Most fun? Most professional looking for a beginner? 
 All armaments or video link to weaving appreciated?
Thank you dear friend for your input.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm DYing to DYE Here are 2 ways

INJECTION DYING YARN  is fun, but I think a needle like that would be hard to find..

keep busy, and send pics of finished yarns!
bless you,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Stroke of great proportions....

Dear readers , This blog has been late in getting updated because in last fall I had a life changing encounter with Cerebral infractions, four of the , to be exact. Not only did this come with the worst headache of my life and lasted six wks, I lost use of right arm, right hand and left leg. Now I am in occupational therapy, I squeeze a sponge and play with silicone clay And do HARD exercises!! I lost my spinning ability , both w dop spindle and wheel. I can not yet crochet, but after five depressing months, I finally got to knit a tiny bit of yo, k 2 tog lace!!! yippee. I am even more handicapped overall than I was prior... But when I knitted that bit of lace on huge needles, I was so happy !!! A bit of advice to you my friend. Learn to relax, don ' t be uptight like I was . I had been on BP pills for 30 years, but in trying to cut back on the many drugs I must take, last May I decided to stop taking them, it was ok with my doctor. However I never thought of daily stress . It just kept piling on me until I was stricken. Now, besides my other numerous issues I have this additional headache that rises when I get stressed. This week I got even more really bad news, a death, another almost died, and I was given terrible news about my lungs. However it is proven that creativity helps manage or stop pain. I made a card and though it was not as "good as I used to do it.". It is still home made. Let us be happy for this is our life, no one knows how long they have, and LOVE those near you.Bless you, grace watch some of the creative videos I collected, relax.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crochet Violets for Spring!!

These are really cute violets. Make them in a bunch of colors to bring spring into your wardrobe.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Dear Friends, thanks for visiting! I hope today is a good one for you! I am curious to learn from you.... What creative things do you like to do / play/ create that helps to make your life more complete, or your pain managed? Leave your creative ideas in the comment section.. Help others learn from you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

tutorial videos on Kool Aid dyeing

USING BARE YARN FROM MY FAV STORE  KNITPICS< Diana dyes a skein of sock yarn with One color of Kool aid.   CLICK HERE To view

This next one is from MOI... I lost footage at the end but I hope you get a new way of looking at this dye method.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW   Grace's Kool Aid dye video I used DRY Koolaid on PreWetted Roving.  I also added some White vinegar. Remember if you get dye shifts in color, your water may be TOO MINERAL. Just use some Distilled H2O, and I like to tell folks at least 2 packs of each color for my method. I was able to create a VAST array of colors!
I also tell folks to buy Wilton paste food colors and use with Citric Acid or vinegar. I find food colors give the Best Blues and Teals.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feather and Fan Video

 FEATHER AND FAN AKA  Old Shale Knit Pattern, MY FAV!!! 
Watch  Old Shale  Knit Pattern Here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Wonder if you should take on that new pattern??? Let the Knit/ Crochet Answer Ball help you... just type in your question and click enter.

11 free Easter Holiday Knit Patterns

Get Knitting quick for these sweet easter knits... all 11 patterns are FREE

 There is a nice Stuffed Bunny with a pocket and a pretty illusion knit place mat that has crosses on it, when looked at from a 45 degree angle.

CHAOS So what is happening in the world???

This full color online comic book called Chaos is for adults and teens. It talks about what is happening in the world today and the spiritual implications... plus How YOU can find help throughout this crisis.

See this comic....

 I found this eye opening!

Something you should read!

Friday, April 8, 2011


BUY the video at Interweave Store on either dowload or hard copy dvd.

 Margaret Stove.  A great advocate of the fine Merinos of her native New Zealand, Margaret is fearless in creating plied blends using silk, angora, qivuit, and more.

Learn how to:• Handle a fine fleece without felting it
• Wash by the lock with shocking vigor and efficiency
• Adjust your wheel tension for exquisite delicacy
• Ply a balanced yarn, or tweak your hand positions for plying different fibers together

Plus, see how to choose and sort a fleece, separate spinnable staples, dissolve the grease, manage the staple to avoid felting and maximize durability and “bounce.”  Using high magnifications of the fibers and spun yarns, Margaret explains just how it all works.
Item #: 10SP07
ISBN: 9781596683631
Run Time: 86 minutes
Language: English
Discs: 1
Region: Universal

Thursday, October 28, 2010


CLICK ON THE   CROCHET Shell  to watch video
from Candi Jensen on Vimeo.


 click on  Wrap Mock Cable   This is a nice video on making an easy look like cable...  in Knit from Candi Jensen on Vimeo.
This show is on the CREATE channel. It looks great for a scarf! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Click on the title and it will take you to a page of some ideas on how to feel happier. I know for folks with certain disorders, like FMS, it worsens in the fall. Did you know singing can raise endorphins?
So dear readers I am thinking of you and wondering how you all are feeling as we head into wet cold weather.
please let me know how i can best help, post an idea
bless you,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


OK, My town Jericho Made the news here in VT.. we hit the 100 degree with over 61 % humidity. The news informed everyone to stay indoors. I thank God we have a couple of air conditioners...but they are the BANE of my Existence!!!
I can't stand a breeze, The trigeminal neuralgia just goes off like an electrical rocket in my face and teeth...Now I have to be squirreled up in a hot room with the door shut. I can't stand the fans and the cold.
Well this got me to think about Winter. Vermont has LONG and cold lousy winter that TN Sufferers like me just can't stand. So I visited a blog friend's site and found this great Free Pattern for a Lovely cabled scarf Well nothing like a gorgeous knit pattern to hlep bring you something to look forward to.
So let me know... How do you handle the HEAT?

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Summer and hot !

I know in a lot of areas the weather is HOT, HUMID, STICKY and not the kind of weather that is comfortable to knit or crochet with wool or acrylic. However we all know that creativity brings us pain relief.What to do?
COTTON! It is very cooling and just the project to bring to the beach! So pack up your crochet hook and make a summery dishcloth! How about leaving a comment and telling me if creating it gave you some joy?
Check out these Free Crochet and some unusual Crochet dishcloth patterns bless you all, grace

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Cowl Pattern for keeping breezes away...

Dear ones.. If you have face pain, and need to protect your face from a breeze.. OR if you are a Fashionista and want to add a cowl to your wardrobe, see this nice plain cowl. The pattern is free! Check it out!

How are you doing today?

Dear ones, sorry my posts have been late. I have had THE Flu plus other medical issues ON TOP of what I already have.
But now to some fibery yarn talk.

Is it just me or does anyone else have problems with knitting cotton? I tend to knit too tight anyway... I have wanted to make a bunch of white washcloths for the kitchen. I figure then bleach won't kill the color! Lol!
I was trying my own patterns and gave up on knitting... I used crochet... basically LOOSE single crochet on a size M hook. But I so much want to KNIT!
I am trying to learn lace work as well. I am once again trying lace... Today I am go ing to be working on a feather and fan pattern off the label of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. They ask for size 4 - 5 needles..but with my history of TIGHT needles I wonder what size i should use? Any advice or lace pattern that is easy for a dishcloth? Let me know... and thanks so much

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Knitting, Crochet Help the Brain!! CBS News

Yes, you heard right!! IT is GOOD to knit and crochet, It helps us in many ways! Lowers pain, lowers blood pressure, relaxes us and helps the brain learn to stay young.."
Watch CBS Videos Online">.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Creativity And Pain, How they work together by Dr Tim Sams

NOTE FROM GRACE, I DO NOT KNOW DR TIM PERSONALLY AND I DO NOT AGREE WITH SOME OF HIS STATEMENTS. He states that We are Creators. No, we are CO-Creators with the Lord. You don't create with nothing, only God can do that. However I felt that he had a lot of very good ideas on how to BECOME creative. Do know if I could have changed a few sentences I feel are wrong according to scripture, I would have, but in order to present this here, I had to NOT change the article.

Welcome to the current newsletter issue of Advances in Medicine
(AIM) - Take AIM against pain, brought to you by Dr. Tim Sams
and My Pain Relief Doc -
Feel free to send me, Dr Tim an e-mail with your own thoughts and
experiences. DR TIM Email:

Creativity is one of the most important aspects for
self-management of persistent pain. In ABC's of Pain Relief
and Treatment: Advances, Breakthroughs and Choices, Chapter 8
discusses "The Terrible Truth about Coping with Pain." The
terrible truth is that people cope with pain the way they have
coped with life before pain, though they can change their
coping style. They do not morph into a completely different person.
They approach pain with the same strategies they have approached the
rest of their lives.

There are seven basic choices that determine life effectiveness
with pain, which are arranged in a hierarchy of importance:
honesty, courage, independence, creativity, planning,
initiative, and perseverance.
In previous newsletters, we have
discussed honesty, courage, and independence. Now, let's
explore creativity.

Creativity is the strangest of the seven choices. You may not
think of yourself as a creative person if you don't draw,
paint, or write poetry or music. You may not conceive of
creativity as a choice. How does one choose to be creative, if
you're not a creative person?

First, let's define creativity.
To create is to bring
something into existence. Creativity is the process by which
one creates. Creativity is not confined by any particular outcome.
Creativity is a process that includes a willingness to see the
familiar in a new way-to change perceptions in a novel way
that encourages the birth of a unique entity.

Certainly, you can be creative with art, music, or writing, to
produce a painting, a song, or a story. But, you can also be
creative about solving a problem, coping with an issue, and
communicating with a friend.

You can give yourself permission to try a new angle, or a new
perspective. You can take a fresh approach to an old problem,
perception, attitude, belief, or behavior. You can imagine.

You need to be honest about what the reality of the situation
is. You need to be courageous about trying something unfamiliar
and scary, risking humiliation or failure. You need to be
independent, not following what other people say or do, but
what works for you, in your head and your heart. Only then can you
be free to explore options and try multiple strategies. Only then
can you imagine what it would be like if it were different,
whatever it is. Only then can you imagine the process necessary
to make it different.

So now we come to pain. Maybe you've been hurting for a few
months, or years, or decades. Regardless, you've developed
patterns and approaches to pain that were born of different
medical treatments and different outcomes. You've tried
numerous strategies for dealing with pain, or not.

You may have settled into a rhythm of pain and misery and brief
respites from both. You may be certain about what makes your
pain worse and what makes it better. This knowledge and tragic
experience can and does conflict profoundly with the creative
process, and with hope. Hope needs alternatives. It needs
options. It needs to believe that there is a path that involves
less pain (by the way, this is always true).

Read some pain books, and check out some web sites. My book is
certainly an option and contains several hundred strategies for
coping with pain-no, for decreasing pain and increasing your
activity and effective function. If you have accepted your pain
problem, you know that you will have pain for a while. Let
yourself experiment with different strategies, no matter how
strange they seem. Be a scientist. Maybe there is a technique
you have tried but which you can try in a different way that
might be successful.

Hurl yourself into fresh snow. Carve out a new snow angel-a
new path. Is there any greater hope to create something new
than the moment you commit to fresh, untouched snow, or canvas,
or paper? Since you are reading this newsletter, it is likely
that you are unsatisfied with the amount of pain relief you are
getting from your current medical and self-management

Do something different-something unique-something weird.
Drop the censor that says, "Well, that doesn't make sense."

Find your own path. Listen to other people's suggestions, but
don't assume that other people know what is best for you. Be
your own creator.

Most people approach pain management by hanging desperately
onto whatever the doctor treating their pain recommends. Know
that, in the long-term, what you do for your pain is so much
more important than what your doctor does. If you do all the
same things, you will have all the same pain relief, or lack of.

You have to imagine it before you can make it happen. Imagine
hurting less and then make it happen. Stretch yourself-reach,
and grab handfuls of new stars. Go to a place you have never
been before. Therein lies the hope for real change, and a
better life.

Good light,

Dr. Tim Sams
My Pain Relief Doc

Copyright 2007. Dr. Tim Sams and My Pain Relief Doc.
All rights reserved.

You may freely distribute a copy of this newsletter or use it
on your web site or RSS feed, as long as you include the entire
article, along with the web links and copyright information.
Thanks, Dr. Tim

Times Are Hard

Sorry dear readers for the lack of posts. I am very ill right now and suffering a lot from the TN pain, and sinus infection which makes the facial pain go into orbit.
I am thankful for my great doctors, I have learned in pain to be grateful, even for the tiny things in life, like clean air ( I fight asthma too)

Here is an exercise I do, maybe you would like to try it?
When I lie in bed, I try to think of as many new things to be grateful for.
Today I am very grateful for wise and kind Drs, For good friends, for a hug from my grown daughter. I am grateful for the clean water and the warm home. Mostly I am grateful for my husband, who is suffering now with tooth pain. He has been my most ardent supppporter.
Here is a video and I hope it gives you some comfort.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


When pain overwhelms us, or our emotions color our feelings, When Drugs cause us worry, or we fear another weird diagnosis... do you ever think on the Faithfulness of God?
Well over the years, HE has proved himself wonderfully faithful to me. SO I am grateful and I wanted to share some of the verses I found on Faithfulness with you.
Maybe you will have some more encouragement from it.

How to create Altered Trading cards, IT IS SOO EASY

BEGINNING IN ATC ART save scraps of papers, pictures, magazines, glues. Gather a few items together, Use an old playing card or cut cardstock to size 2 1/2 x 3 1/3 inches.
Take crayons or markers and doodle, and get an idea, a one word idea, or theme.
Write it decoratively on a piece of scrap paper, or type it in a fancy font.
If you have some ink pads around you can use it to darken the edges of the card.
Glue your designs on, and then embellish with a button or a charm or some ribbon.. whatever you have.
WHY NOT START with One of these words?? What do you see when you read the words?

When you finish your card sign and date and mark your email..
Now find a friend to trade your Altered Trading Card WITH , AND TEACH ANOTHER FRIEND IN PAIN HOW TO DO THIS!

I Hope this adventure gave you a pain free day... as you enter the collage world of ATC's.. I warn you, they are like potato chips.. you will want a million!

Knitting in the "Zone" with free patterns

In all sorts of creative undertakings we find when we get into a rhythm where our concentration dances to the creation, we enter the ZONE... and here the Pain is greatly diminished.
I recommend using easy Knit patterns, or Spinning something simple on a drop spindle, or playing like you did as a child, with crayon or watercolor... and let your mind just enter this peaceful place.
Pray and ask for guidance and Peace. I find with tension the muscles make the pain worse, so work on a project that is NO FAIL.
So please share, what are you working on??
I am now plying some white alpaca and in between I am knitting a lace dishcloth in cotton.
Be in the happy zone. Here are some patterns to get you started...
Dish cloth
Learn a new Knit Stitch
Easy Crochet Patterns

Saturday, August 29, 2009

When you can't seem to go on....

Ok, Bad attacks of pain whether physical or emotional storms, or broken heartedness can make one give up, want to quit and have NO hope. The Trigeminal attacks are much worse for me... and I am bedfast on the sofa as I can not walk either.
I think of all of you round the world like me... and we have these times of intense suffering, and it feels there is no meaning to it at all.
I am blessed to have a husband who understands, but no one, no matter how close can really know the pain as I can't know his exactly.
We lost 4 babies before birth, I had a rare 5 weird things, something not seen here in VT. At the end of that journey the Infertility Dr said, " We believe from your years of tests and temp charts you may have lost over 30 babies, but early on in pregnancy,". The next moment He said," You can never ever get pregnant again. You AND the Child will die".
I moved into the abyss. I railed and yelled at God. HOW could HE do this to me? We loved HIM, Why keep a child from us? But in time, the ONLY comfort came from this verse given to me by a friend. I held to this as a lifeline.
Again, tonight as I wept in pain... I had to be brought low. I felt sorry for me, as if God could not know my physical tormenting incurable by Drs pain.
Tonight I was weeping uncontrollably as the pains did not respond to anything. I could not think straight to know WHAT to do, and my "protocol of care" evaporated.
Rob anointed me with oil and prayed over me in the name of Jesus. and amazingly in a minute God gave us wisdom to do something. God reminded me to go on Oxygen at a high rate... In 5 min the attack was over! Praise God who pulls me from the net of despair. Forgive me for my despair Lord...

So dear friend, Here I am a witness and I want to tell you
I am humbled to once again KNOW there is ONE who CAN and Does KNOW ALL MY PAIN and Here is my life verse...
in 2 Cor 1 vs 3-5 we comfort others with the comfort we have received from the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The GOD OF ALL COMFORT
He will do that for you too. HE loves us all the same. He is the only one who can know your exact suffering, as HE suffered everything.

He is so close to you, He is yearning for you to turn to HIM. Please talk to him. Ask Him the truth to reveal who He really is to you. HE WILL.
He will give you HOPE to go on and pull you out of the pit.

Encouraging Knit Site with Prayer Shawl Patterns

Dear ones, I have had a wonderful visit to Debbie Macomber's Site! She has a series of wonderful books with stories and knit patterns. What really moved me was the Prayer shawls. Entering into cold weather and having and orphan disease where breeze triggers attacks, I was looking for some pretty shawls, one for inside and one for outside. See this link for a very nice but simple triangular prayer shawl, this is a great one for us plus size ladies or for a man who needs some prayer support!
I hope you peruse her site and enter the guest book. She has a very warm heart that beams through the pages of her books and her website, and patterns. What excited me MOST of all, is the Alex Shawl pattern is there, and this is a PERFECT pattern to start lace knitting, she also teaches you HOW to go from word pattern to chart reading. I have been frustrated for 2 years trying to find a lace pattern I could understand. Chart reading has been very problematic, But Debbie shows us step by step how the words transition into the chart! Very very nice site!!
God bless Debbie and her helpful heart.
May you be encouraged there as I was too.
Healthwise, Still fighting pain, I had to stop spinning for a bit as I only have a cd spindle and it spins too thinly as it is heavy. I am also now trying to learn to knit better. I do some weird sort of combination style and I have such trouble getting any patterns to work.
I need to quickly make some shawls and face coverings, arm warmers to keep me warm from breezes.
While you are at Ravelry check me out at HALALSILKS
God keep all of you as we transition seasons, I send warm gentle hugs!
If anyone knows HOW TO STOP LEG CRAMPS due to stopping steroid meds, please let me know. I am pretty crippled up by this too
blessings, grace

Saturday, July 18, 2009

INFANT LOSS SUPPORT IN SO. VERMONT! SHARE is a wonderful support group.
Being a bereaved parent of unborn infants is difficult.Long ago, We had been in the No Vermont group, but I am unsure if they are still going on so this video is of the Southern Vermont Group.

You may wonder WHY I placed this here... My children in heaven are still part of my life even though Our babies died years ago.
Grief from the loss of a Child is the most longest lasting grief and research shows this is a grief that is sort of with you all your life.
To me, I find the pain acts so erratically. For example, There you are one sunny day, standing on the edge of the water at the beach. There you are enjoying the day when Boom!!!like an ocean wave, It can suddenly knock you over, pulling you into an undertow of sorrow and depression Or like the remaining water , grief can just puddle around your feet. The baby aisle in the grocery store becomes one you avoid.
If you so desire, please Watch the video and see a lovely group remembering their children in loving ways.
2 corinthians 1:3-6 is my life verse and comfort be to all of you who have experienced the razor pain of a baby's death.
hugs, grace

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Rak friend is a true gift

I am so lacking in words, I have a friend with a heart of gold and have to share this to you. I have a great dear internet sister friend Elaine, on the other coast of USA who is one of the most proficient spinners, fibery wise and knit lovely ladies I have ever met. Elaine has a heart that is so gentle and kind too. Please visit her creations on under Sunshine First she sent me a love box of fiber and knitted items a GORGEOUS angora sweater and when I opened the box it was so filled with joy it Popped out!! I have enough fiber to spin for a few years! I am blessed beyond measure to know her. Elaine understands pain and she
gifted me with the most beautiful soft alpaca knit cowl that she lovingly handknit!! I LOVE it.
FOr us who are ill and need to keep parts warm this is perfect for protecting my face, head and neck and so soft can be worn inside or out

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gratefulness ( SONG) THANK YOU LORD

Dear ones, I am learning to be grateful. I am discovering that when I pray from the depths of my heart, in weeping, the Holy Spirit takes over with " groanings too deep for words." Yet in a short number of days, God has KINDLY taken care of the issue. It is usually miraculous in how it takes place!
Sing along with me


I really want to get a turkish spindle, because you end up with a center pull ball of yarn. What is your favorite kind?

Using A Turkish Drop Spindle

A Turkish Drop spindle is a wonderful invention! You can spin and spin enough yarn on it, when you remove the 2 bottom pieces of wood in a cross form, you end up with a neat center pull ball, ready to knit or ply.

Free Knitting Pattern s Knit PIcks!!

I LOVE Knit Picks. Their wooden laminated needles are perfect for socks, lace and are my luxury needles! Purchase High Quality Yarns and everything for Knitting! Patterns are in adobe pdf. Join the free discussion area too and have your own page to post notes!
Get free patterns from Knitpicks HERE

TNA & What pain patients want YOU to know!

The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association TNA

TNA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit voluntary health organization whose mission is to serve patients worldwide who suffer from neuropathic face pain (including TN), their families, and the physicians, dentists and healthcare providers who treat them.

Gone are the days when there was little or no access to help. You are never alone. TNA exists to help you. Access their website 24 hours a day, or call the patient representative during working hours at 1-800.929.3608.

TNA will provide you with the latest information and research on facial pain, and will help you connect with national and local support and physician referrals.

Local Support Groups

Being with people who have some understanding of what you and your family are living with is a tremendously positive step in your good health. If you contact TNA, you may find a TNA-sponsored support group already exists in your area; or you may want to start one yourself. Also, your church or community may have a support group for people with chronic illnesses.

“When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.”--Pauline R. Kezer, chronic illness counselor

Resources for Friends and Family

Thank you for being involved in our lives. Illness and Pain are bearable with friends and families like you!
Here is what people with facial pain want you to know:
Please, don’t try to “fix this” for us. We don’t need you to. We just need you to care about us and let us know that we are loved by you.

Please don’t feel discouraged if we don’t become completely “well.” We are confused and scared much of the time, however, we desire to live as well as we can, despite how sick or how much pain we must bear. Please don’t give up on us, or we might too.

Please stay in touch with us! Send us a note, an e-mail, or call us. We may not get out so much, however, we sure need to be in communication with you.

Please acknowledge that we are ill, but don’t press us for a full report unless you want to really hear our complicated life.. Rather than asking the standard, “How are you?” question, please say, “It’s good to see you here.” If you really want to engage with us, ask us, “What is this like for you?”

Please avoid platitudes such as, " You must not have enough faith for your healing". OR “God never gives you more than you can stand.” This doesn’t help us to accept our illness any better, and it’s likely to hurt our faith in times when we are suffering deeply..

Please don’t overlook our family members. Sometimes we get all the attention and they get very little and the pressures on them are, at times, much greater than the pressures on us.They may need a good meal and a good listener! Many are burned out!

Please help us in practical ways. Rather than say, “Please let me know what I can do to help you,” offer specific support based upon your own gifts and time allowances.

Please invite us to events and things even though we are ill. We have limited energy, but most of us still can get out and do things - we just have to plan carefully. It will really bless us if you’ll tell us that you’ll understand if we need to cancel at the last minute, tell us if we will be exposed to wind or cold, or be outside or inside if you take us somewhere new. If you ask us what kind of things might need to be done in order to make us most comfortable at the event.

Please tell us about your life, and don’t feel you can never complain about anything - because “compared to us you have nothing to complain about.” All of us have our “stuff” and we want to support you through yours. We don’t believe we have the monopoly on difficult circumstances -- we care about what you are going through too!



People are KIND and Want to help out those who suffer to help you and here are some practical ways!

Physical Helps

  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • House cleaning
  • Car maintenance
  • Dog-walking
  • Getting recycle containers down to curbside
  • Running miscellaneous errands
  • Watering Plants
  • Helping with the yard
  • Drive you to an appointment
  • Picking up a child after school or practice
  • Go with daughter or son to school event
Other Practical Help You can do:
  • Help plan the week
  • Help Organize tasks
  • Calling job to work out details
  • Look through mail and clear clutter
  • Help with taxes
  • Write thank you notes
  • Help you plan a birthday party
  • Arrange for small dinner party for you and spouse/family
  • Organize medical information
  • Search internet for information on illness
  • Attend doctor appointments
  • Help process medical treatments
  • Help with insurance forms
  • Set up email communications to friends and family

Visit Family Caregiver Alliance for support-givers.

Spiritual Helps
  • Pray with you
  • Lend you encouraging and spiritual DVDs, CDs or books
  • Take you out for coffee, to church, or to see friends or family
  • Send you encouraging and spiritual cards
  • Take you on an outing to a place you enjoy
  • Remind you regularly that they care
50 Ways to Encourage Someone with Facial Pain:
  1. Even if it’s hard to understand how she can hurt so badly, yet look so “normal”, please believe her when she says she is hurting. She really is.
  2. Volunteer to do some research on the internet for him about the illness.
  3. Put meals in disposable containers and include a note telling her she doesn’t need to return the containers.
  4. Invite her to do spontaneous things, like go to the park, or have a picnic. She may be more able to participate since she knows it’s a good day or a bad day.
  5. Validate his illness by asking him if he’d be willing to encourage someone else who is struggling with pain.
  6. Take your friend’s dog out for a walk.
  7. Never minimize his illness by saying things such as, “I’m sure it’s all going to turn out just fine.” It makes him feel that he can’t be real with you about his fears, and he needs to be able to express them.
  8. Ask her if she’d like you to go to an appointment with her, just for the company.
  9. Remember anniversaries, such as the when he was diagnosed or when he had major surgery. Just a phone call saying your remembered him is enough.
  10. Ask him, “What do you wish other people knew about TN?”
  11. Tell her, “I made some soup and have extra - when can I bring some over?“
  12. Treat your friend to a gift of movie rentals (such as Netflix) via mail. ($7 to $15 a month).
  13. Stormy days often cause pain; drop off some bubble bath.
  14. Buy him a microwaveable heat pack.
  15. Ask him if he’d be interested in writing something for your community or church newsletter about what it’s like to live with a pain-related illness.
  16. Ask, “I’m going to Costco tomorrow - what can I pick up for you?”
  17. For a creative gift, provide holiday-themed paper plates and napkins.
  18. Don’t tease him, ever, about his illness.
  19. Offer to drive him to an event or activity which he needs to attend. Ill people often don’t attend events for fear that they will be in too much pain or become too tired to drive home.
  20. When you are out together, be her advocate if needed, to make sure she can receive proper seating or assistance. Please be tactful, and don’t call attention to her needlessly.
  21. Say, “While you’re in the hospital, I’ll pick up your mail.”
  22. Find out if you can pick up medications or anything else after surgery, to save the family a trip out.
  23. Be careful not to try to give lots of opinions about how to treat her illness. If she asks for your advice, give it very carefully.
  24. Encourage her that it’s okay to not know if she’s making the “best” or “right” decision(s). There are no guarantees and she’ll appreciate your supporting her.
  25. Don’t tell him about your friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s best friend who had the same diagnosis and was cured through - unless you have truly useful information to share.
  26. Find out what his favorite author is and go the library and check out books for him.
  27. Say to her, “I know you must need to vent once in a while. I’m available.”
  28. Send her jokes via email - but only if they are funny - and never ask her to “pass them on.”
  29. Don’t make your family member the center of your life, no matter how much pain he is in. You will both wind up worse for it, if you do.
  30. If he has a disabled parking tag, don’t feel so excited about using it. If he’s having a good day, he might feel well enough to walk, and enjoy not having to park in the “handicapped space.” Don’t whine about your having to walk farther.
  31. Buy her some note cards and stamps. They always come in handy.
  32. Accept that his pain may not go away. If he’s accepting it, don’t tell him the illness is winning, and he’s giving into it.
  33. Don’t say, “Let me know if there’s anything I can do.” People will rarely say, “Well, yes! Will you clean my house?” Offer something you are willing to do.
  34. Buy a magazine subscription for him.
  35. Give her a hand or a foot massage. Touch is an important part of healing, but normal places of massage may hurt her, such as her back or head.
  36. Hang up a birdfeeder where your friend can easily refill it.
  37. Understand that you don’t need to know all the details about her illness in order to be helpful.
  38. Ask her if you can help her make or return phone calls.
  39. Go to an event he has to miss and take photos, perhaps even getting friends to write him notes. Then, take them over to his house and have a “mini event” with him.
  40. Buy him a hands-free head set for his phone.
  41. Don’t ask when she is in pain, “What’s causing it?” She doesn’t know. Instead ask, “What can I do for you?”
  42. Bring him small gifts and say, “These reminded me of the time we. . .”
  43. If she’s not getting out much, ask her what she’s missing most. See how you might bring part of it to her, if possible.
  44. Tell him about your life, and don’t feel your struggles aren’t worth sharing. They are. He still wants to be “in the game of life” and be a support to you too.
  45. Write her scriptures that you have depended upon in difficult times, using bright markers.
  46. Instead of saying, “I’ll pray for you,” ask, “I’d like to pray for you right now. May I?”
  47. Call her up on the phone and sing her a silly song.
  48. Give her extra help during Thanksgiving or Christmas. As you are baking your Turkey or Christmas cookies, bake her extra. It will lighten her load.
  49. Go visit for no reason at all.
  50. Be someone who cares and doesn’t give up in the hard times - it’s the right thing to do. Expect the unexpected; look for the miraculous; be the keeper of the faith.


Click each area to visit the site
Trigeminal Neuralgia
All Kinds of Head and Facial Pain
Suicide Lifeline
How Friends & Family Can Help a Person In Pain
Rest Ministries and Hope Keepers

Post your great site as you comment on this post. God keep you all, Grace

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do you think God can not use you?

I have been through a week of hell, the pain has kept me prisoner. I wept and wailed today in pain , I was without hope. When this happens I wonder if my life has any meaning at all. Well I have a group on Yahoo called HalalPropheticArts where anyone who is creative and wants to worship God IN creativity comes, we pray and talk to each other and support one another. We have a wonderful cartoonist and amazing artist who happens to be my comoderator, He is pastor Dave Weiss. See his amazing teaching here on video, It pulled me from depression.
Let those of us who sit in suffering be encouraged today.
shalom, peace,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Secret Garden Music

I created this needle felted pansy for my friend Bonnie,
I hope you will also have peace as you hear
Some Lovely Music to Encourge you, Visit my Player ,
CLICK this and then click PLAY.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is a research site with knitting lessons from the UK. They are doing research about knitting or sewing and pain management!!
Wow.. what I thought all along!
And what many in pain Knew..
check it out!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Dear ones, If you have not yet found Knittyspin , you have missed a LOT... but never fear, You can Catch up, Read it all FOR FREE!! Plus check out this really FANTASTIC WRAP Shawl by Kate Atherley, called "SHEEP WRAP" It is so nice and warm, chunky warm. I spoke with Kate who is very kind. You can find her on under the name of wisehilda .So visit this wonderful Wrap, It is great for us with Facial Pain. Wrap your head warm from cold breezes!!
Hugs, grace
PS I am Halalsilks at Ravelry.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A wonderful Read for Spinners

SEE KnittySpin, A GREAT publication, free online. I love this wrap..
Are you spinning? If so, let me know!!
I am presently working on carding some really tough mohair but when It opens it is lovely. It is a bit prefelted by the people who dyed it. That is something one can't see by getting it online.
What are you up to with your spinning, knitting, crochet or what?
I had my TN injections the 6th of march and am waiting for another remission. I pray your pain is better today.
blessings, grace

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drop Spindle Basics

Abby F describes How to begin spinning with a Drop Spindle!
I find the process of handling fiber to spinning yarn something that brings satisfaction and joy and healing.
blessings, grace

Andy Paiko Glass Spinning Wheel

An Amazing Fragile but Working Spinning wheel. I would love one!!
It is gorgeous isn't it!
Pain may make you feel fragile but if you can put your trust in the Lord, He will help you in the dark and hard times. He will raise you to a new life.
enjoy this video of wonderful spinning,

Multiple Sclerosis: Trigeminal Neuralgia in MS

See this dear one in the midst of a TN attack. YOU CAN HAVE TN WITHOUT having MS.
I have spent many hours on the floor or in my husband's arms wailing from TN. This is a glimpse. God bless this woman.
She has MS with TN.
thanks for watching the video,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barbra Streisand - One Day

Remember that if today is difficult, One day it will be full of joy.

The Wellmont Connection - Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was so happy to see this NEW robotic form of treating TN patients.
More hope for those with TN,
blessings, grace

Trigeminal Neuralgia ~ One Patient's Journey

A bit more about TN to let you become more familar with it and what can be done for it.
Unfortunately I have fought it 24 yrs so do not qualify for that treatment.
It is best to have MVD Done when you are in the disorder for fewer years..
here to inform,

A very special man ...

May this special man come to your heart today. hugs, grace who is is having a short remission of TN from using Botox injections.


Be Encouraged by the music and the imagery. If God can make a star so beautiful , He can help us through our times of suffering.
hugs, grace

Father's Love Letter ♥♥♥

Watch for an encouraging moment of Love. Hugs, grace

trigeminal neuralgia from John's Hopkins

This explains more about TN and more treatment options

Turn washed fleece into spinning fiber with wool combs

How to learn difference between Combs and Carding to prepare fiber for spinning!
Enjoy and have a pain free day,
hugs, grace

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I WON a BLUE Ribbon for my yarn PLUS THIRD Prize for the metallic ply skein.

Dear ones, CLICK These two blank narrow boxes for the photos... For some reason they did not come out.
I went over the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds for the VERMONT Sheep and Wool festival and guess what??? For the first time in my life I entered a spinning contest. The Novelty yarn category is what I entered and I won First place for my skein in the Novelty division. It is made from Dorset wool & Bombyx Silk & Angelina Fiber. I have carded what you see by hand about 6 times,I will be winning a wonderful felted bracelet as a PRIZE! ( I had a peek! will post pics later)
I won third place for another skein, a 2 ply , one is mettalic. also in this Novelty Yarn division. Dorset/Suffolk Vermont wool and Mettalic fiber,(With the mettalic yarns) I renamed both skeins so have to post the New Names when I get the skeins home. I forgot to put them up for sale!
BTW I make artistic well spinning hand spindles and traveling hand spindles ( small enough to spin in a car...) I love to spin fiber ( right now Llama Cloud is my favorite of the week!) I spin and ply by hand spindle as my ashford wheel is need of surgery
. See a few photos of spindles on my etsy store , Hopefully will open by end of September!
I am also on Ravelry under halalsilks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Beauty from Pain Song ( How it feels to suffer )

When You suffer, Your world seems closed in but you have to remember that our feelings lie a lot. I know that in my worst pains, if I was alone and too sick to pray, I would fall into despair and sadness. I would feel pressed in and alone. The truth is that God is with me and with you no matter HOW we feel. So I have learned to call on HIM IMMEDIATELY , I say something like " HELP ME LORD, Send Your help, your angels to me" and He DOES!!
May this song give you a moment of comfort.
gentle hugs, grace

Beauty from Pain Song ( How it feels to suffer )

When You suffer, Your world seems closed in but you have to remember that our feelings lie a lot. I know that in my worst pains, if I was alone and too sick to pray, I would fall into despair and sadness. I would feel pressed in and alone. The truth is that God is with me and with you no matter HOW we feel. So I have learned to call on HIM IMMEDIATELY , I say something like " HELP ME LORD, Send Your help, your angels to me" and He DOES!!
May this song give you a moment of comfort.
gentle hugs, grace

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have fought TN for over 23 years. See my page on TN on my main website. It is the worst thing I have ever fought, worse than these events in my life, an illeostomy, being on a respirator for life support, losing 4 babies before birth ( The loss hurts the soul more but the physical pain is my point),thyroid surgery, 25 + jaw, abdominal and, female, and limb sugeries.
Learn more about Trigeminal neuralgia. I know many go undiagnosed because they think they had " a bad root canal that never healed, or that it is some sort of dental or sinus pain" Or "migraine Pain" Or headaches. TN is the most evil disguiser, it costumes itself in other things, it robs you of daily life events, like NO kisses on the afflicled side of the face, it can be in your mouth so you can't eat, Forget breezes warm or cool or cold. It is called " the suicide disease and Worst Pain known to Medicine" LEARN MORE SO YOU CAN BE INFORMED.
There is a WONDERFUL BOOK to read if you are a sufferer. The book, "WITH GREAT MERCY is full of hope. I am blessed to call Kathy Taylor a friend and close sister in the Lord.

Welcome to this new blog, SPIN 2 STOP THE PAIN

Dear ones, thanks for visiting yet another blog on my journey. I want this one to help others who suffer to find that spinning and creating fiber can help you stop pain. I fight Trigeminal neuralgia, and Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatique and a host of other illnesses. Yet when I discovered spinning ( I believe God led me to it!!) I found out that I could concentrate and find relief. I hope we can all discuss and share what creativity can do for all of us in the area of fiber arts and pain management.
blessings, grace