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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have fought TN for over 23 years. See my page on TN on my main website. It is the worst thing I have ever fought, worse than these events in my life, an illeostomy, being on a respirator for life support, losing 4 babies before birth ( The loss hurts the soul more but the physical pain is my point),thyroid surgery, 25 + jaw, abdominal and, female, and limb sugeries.
Learn more about Trigeminal neuralgia. I know many go undiagnosed because they think they had " a bad root canal that never healed, or that it is some sort of dental or sinus pain" Or "migraine Pain" Or headaches. TN is the most evil disguiser, it costumes itself in other things, it robs you of daily life events, like NO kisses on the afflicled side of the face, it can be in your mouth so you can't eat, Forget breezes warm or cool or cold. It is called " the suicide disease and Worst Pain known to Medicine" LEARN MORE SO YOU CAN BE INFORMED.
There is a WONDERFUL BOOK to read if you are a sufferer. The book, "WITH GREAT MERCY is full of hope. I am blessed to call Kathy Taylor a friend and close sister in the Lord.

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