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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Times Are Hard

Sorry dear readers for the lack of posts. I am very ill right now and suffering a lot from the TN pain, and sinus infection which makes the facial pain go into orbit.
I am thankful for my great doctors, I have learned in pain to be grateful, even for the tiny things in life, like clean air ( I fight asthma too)

Here is an exercise I do, maybe you would like to try it?
When I lie in bed, I try to think of as many new things to be grateful for.
Today I am very grateful for wise and kind Drs, For good friends, for a hug from my grown daughter. I am grateful for the clean water and the warm home. Mostly I am grateful for my husband, who is suffering now with tooth pain. He has been my most ardent supppporter.
Here is a video and I hope it gives you some comfort.

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