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Friday, December 20, 2013

Wonderful words!

Holiday fun with crafts and kids & inspiration..

Make these wonderful "inspiring word ornaments" This is a really nice craft, for all year long, I love these! Use your fav word in your own creation!

Makes a truly nice looking item you could keep up all year round!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tatting tales

Happy holidays friends!

I am happy to learn needle tatting and shuttle tatting, yippee,

And I am starting to catch on!

Here is the class for shuttle tatting At

  I am learning about needle tatting from this great blog  She has a lot of neat ideas and free patterns.

 Visit   A fantastic store just for all kinds of tatting supplies!      For wonderful supplies and a fabulous catalogue you can ask for that is free, and a surprise inside.  

 Another place for great needle tat needles isThey have wonderful tatting needles , scissors, more!

Because of my strokes, it is almost impossible to Use my left hand to shuttle tat, however I find needle tatting so much easier to do.  I pray to make some gifts!
This is the poorest we have ever been, my honey lost his teaching job 18 mosaic. They got rid of all
Teachers at school the longest.

Get some mistletoe, for kisses are free. 

Shalom, grace

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Learning to weave....

FiberI have wanted to learn to weave since college ., my degree is in the dental field. I no longer work due to my illnesses, but I had developed a warm place in my heart for all things fiber in a single class I took. My advisor felt that I carried all work and nothing to relax and enjoy college. I remember learning thread counting per inch, how to figure out what a mystery fabric was made of, by testing, such as burning a small piece of the fabric and looking at what remains, noting the odor during burning. Then we learned weaving charts..hand painted and  lovely to see.... lastly how to set up a loom to weave the design .
I forgot what peace I found in this class. But I seemed to fondly recall the weaving. 
In the last weeks I have busied myself watching weaving videos. I love it all!   Even as a cild I had a plastic loom with built in batten. I loved that loom. Although pieces were no bigger than8 x10 at largest, it was fun!! 
I am trying to decide , card weaving, of which I know nothing, I do not have an inkle loom, or backstrap weaving.. Where do you find the sticks?  Or a heddle loom.,but money is at a low.
So I ask you dear readers.
 What type  of weaving is easiest to start  and least expensive? Most fun? Most professional looking for a beginner? 
 All armaments or video link to weaving appreciated?
Thank you dear friend for your input.