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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drop Spindle Basics

Abby F describes How to begin spinning with a Drop Spindle!
I find the process of handling fiber to spinning yarn something that brings satisfaction and joy and healing.
blessings, grace

Andy Paiko Glass Spinning Wheel

An Amazing Fragile but Working Spinning wheel. I would love one!!
It is gorgeous isn't it!
Pain may make you feel fragile but if you can put your trust in the Lord, He will help you in the dark and hard times. He will raise you to a new life.
enjoy this video of wonderful spinning,

Multiple Sclerosis: Trigeminal Neuralgia in MS

See this dear one in the midst of a TN attack. YOU CAN HAVE TN WITHOUT having MS.
I have spent many hours on the floor or in my husband's arms wailing from TN. This is a glimpse. God bless this woman.
She has MS with TN.
thanks for watching the video,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barbra Streisand - One Day

Remember that if today is difficult, One day it will be full of joy.

The Wellmont Connection - Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was so happy to see this NEW robotic form of treating TN patients.
More hope for those with TN,
blessings, grace

Trigeminal Neuralgia ~ One Patient's Journey

A bit more about TN to let you become more familar with it and what can be done for it.
Unfortunately I have fought it 24 yrs so do not qualify for that treatment.
It is best to have MVD Done when you are in the disorder for fewer years..
here to inform,

A very special man ...

May this special man come to your heart today. hugs, grace who is is having a short remission of TN from using Botox injections.


Be Encouraged by the music and the imagery. If God can make a star so beautiful , He can help us through our times of suffering.
hugs, grace

Father's Love Letter ♥♥♥

Watch for an encouraging moment of Love. Hugs, grace

trigeminal neuralgia from John's Hopkins

This explains more about TN and more treatment options

Turn washed fleece into spinning fiber with wool combs

How to learn difference between Combs and Carding to prepare fiber for spinning!
Enjoy and have a pain free day,
hugs, grace