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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Encouraging Knit Site with Prayer Shawl Patterns

Dear ones, I have had a wonderful visit to Debbie Macomber's Site! She has a series of wonderful books with stories and knit patterns. What really moved me was the Prayer shawls. Entering into cold weather and having and orphan disease where breeze triggers attacks, I was looking for some pretty shawls, one for inside and one for outside. See this link for a very nice but simple triangular prayer shawl, this is a great one for us plus size ladies or for a man who needs some prayer support!
I hope you peruse her site and enter the guest book. She has a very warm heart that beams through the pages of her books and her website, and patterns. What excited me MOST of all, is the Alex Shawl pattern is there, and this is a PERFECT pattern to start lace knitting, she also teaches you HOW to go from word pattern to chart reading. I have been frustrated for 2 years trying to find a lace pattern I could understand. Chart reading has been very problematic, But Debbie shows us step by step how the words transition into the chart! Very very nice site!!
God bless Debbie and her helpful heart.
May you be encouraged there as I was too.
Healthwise, Still fighting pain, I had to stop spinning for a bit as I only have a cd spindle and it spins too thinly as it is heavy. I am also now trying to learn to knit better. I do some weird sort of combination style and I have such trouble getting any patterns to work.
I need to quickly make some shawls and face coverings, arm warmers to keep me warm from breezes.
While you are at Ravelry check me out at HALALSILKS
God keep all of you as we transition seasons, I send warm gentle hugs!
If anyone knows HOW TO STOP LEG CRAMPS due to stopping steroid meds, please let me know. I am pretty crippled up by this too
blessings, grace

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