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Sunday, June 26, 2011

tutorial videos on Kool Aid dyeing

USING BARE YARN FROM MY FAV STORE  KNITPICS< Diana dyes a skein of sock yarn with One color of Kool aid.   CLICK HERE To view

This next one is from MOI... I lost footage at the end but I hope you get a new way of looking at this dye method.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW   Grace's Kool Aid dye video I used DRY Koolaid on PreWetted Roving.  I also added some White vinegar. Remember if you get dye shifts in color, your water may be TOO MINERAL. Just use some Distilled H2O, and I like to tell folks at least 2 packs of each color for my method. I was able to create a VAST array of colors!
I also tell folks to buy Wilton paste food colors and use with Citric Acid or vinegar. I find food colors give the Best Blues and Teals.