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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Knitting in the "Zone" with free patterns

In all sorts of creative undertakings we find when we get into a rhythm where our concentration dances to the creation, we enter the ZONE... and here the Pain is greatly diminished.
I recommend using easy Knit patterns, or Spinning something simple on a drop spindle, or playing like you did as a child, with crayon or watercolor... and let your mind just enter this peaceful place.
Pray and ask for guidance and Peace. I find with tension the muscles make the pain worse, so work on a project that is NO FAIL.
So please share, what are you working on??
I am now plying some white alpaca and in between I am knitting a lace dishcloth in cotton.
Be in the happy zone. Here are some patterns to get you started...
Dish cloth
Learn a new Knit Stitch
Easy Crochet Patterns

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