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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Learning to weave....

FiberI have wanted to learn to weave since college ., my degree is in the dental field. I no longer work due to my illnesses, but I had developed a warm place in my heart for all things fiber in a single class I took. My advisor felt that I carried all work and nothing to relax and enjoy college. I remember learning thread counting per inch, how to figure out what a mystery fabric was made of, by testing, such as burning a small piece of the fabric and looking at what remains, noting the odor during burning. Then we learned weaving charts..hand painted and  lovely to see.... lastly how to set up a loom to weave the design .
I forgot what peace I found in this class. But I seemed to fondly recall the weaving. 
In the last weeks I have busied myself watching weaving videos. I love it all!   Even as a cild I had a plastic loom with built in batten. I loved that loom. Although pieces were no bigger than8 x10 at largest, it was fun!! 
I am trying to decide , card weaving, of which I know nothing, I do not have an inkle loom, or backstrap weaving.. Where do you find the sticks?  Or a heddle loom.,but money is at a low.
So I ask you dear readers.
 What type  of weaving is easiest to start  and least expensive? Most fun? Most professional looking for a beginner? 
 All armaments or video link to weaving appreciated?
Thank you dear friend for your input.

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