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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


OK, My town Jericho Made the news here in VT.. we hit the 100 degree with over 61 % humidity. The news informed everyone to stay indoors. I thank God we have a couple of air conditioners...but they are the BANE of my Existence!!!
I can't stand a breeze, The trigeminal neuralgia just goes off like an electrical rocket in my face and teeth...Now I have to be squirreled up in a hot room with the door shut. I can't stand the fans and the cold.
Well this got me to think about Winter. Vermont has LONG and cold lousy winter that TN Sufferers like me just can't stand. So I visited a blog friend's site and found this great Free Pattern for a Lovely cabled scarf Well nothing like a gorgeous knit pattern to hlep bring you something to look forward to.
So let me know... How do you handle the HEAT?

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