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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I WON a BLUE Ribbon for my yarn PLUS THIRD Prize for the metallic ply skein.

Dear ones, CLICK These two blank narrow boxes for the photos... For some reason they did not come out.
I went over the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds for the VERMONT Sheep and Wool festival and guess what??? For the first time in my life I entered a spinning contest. The Novelty yarn category is what I entered and I won First place for my skein in the Novelty division. It is made from Dorset wool & Bombyx Silk & Angelina Fiber. I have carded what you see by hand about 6 times,I will be winning a wonderful felted bracelet as a PRIZE! ( I had a peek! will post pics later)
I won third place for another skein, a 2 ply , one is mettalic. also in this Novelty Yarn division. Dorset/Suffolk Vermont wool and Mettalic fiber,(With the mettalic yarns) I renamed both skeins so have to post the New Names when I get the skeins home. I forgot to put them up for sale!
BTW I make artistic well spinning hand spindles and traveling hand spindles ( small enough to spin in a car...) I love to spin fiber ( right now Llama Cloud is my favorite of the week!) I spin and ply by hand spindle as my ashford wheel is need of surgery
. See a few photos of spindles on my etsy store , Hopefully will open by end of September!
I am also on Ravelry under halalsilks.

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