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Sunday, June 26, 2011

tutorial videos on Kool Aid dyeing

USING BARE YARN FROM MY FAV STORE  KNITPICS< Diana dyes a skein of sock yarn with One color of Kool aid.   CLICK HERE To view

This next one is from MOI... I lost footage at the end but I hope you get a new way of looking at this dye method.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW   Grace's Kool Aid dye video I used DRY Koolaid on PreWetted Roving.  I also added some White vinegar. Remember if you get dye shifts in color, your water may be TOO MINERAL. Just use some Distilled H2O, and I like to tell folks at least 2 packs of each color for my method. I was able to create a VAST array of colors!
I also tell folks to buy Wilton paste food colors and use with Citric Acid or vinegar. I find food colors give the Best Blues and Teals.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feather and Fan Video

 FEATHER AND FAN AKA  Old Shale Knit Pattern, MY FAV!!! 
Watch  Old Shale  Knit Pattern Here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Wonder if you should take on that new pattern??? Let the Knit/ Crochet Answer Ball help you... just type in your question and click enter.

11 free Easter Holiday Knit Patterns

Get Knitting quick for these sweet easter knits... all 11 patterns are FREE

 There is a nice Stuffed Bunny with a pocket and a pretty illusion knit place mat that has crosses on it, when looked at from a 45 degree angle.

CHAOS So what is happening in the world???

This full color online comic book called Chaos is for adults and teens. It talks about what is happening in the world today and the spiritual implications... plus How YOU can find help throughout this crisis.

See this comic....

 I found this eye opening!

Something you should read!

Friday, April 8, 2011


BUY the video at Interweave Store on either dowload or hard copy dvd.

 Margaret Stove.  A great advocate of the fine Merinos of her native New Zealand, Margaret is fearless in creating plied blends using silk, angora, qivuit, and more.

Learn how to:• Handle a fine fleece without felting it
• Wash by the lock with shocking vigor and efficiency
• Adjust your wheel tension for exquisite delicacy
• Ply a balanced yarn, or tweak your hand positions for plying different fibers together

Plus, see how to choose and sort a fleece, separate spinnable staples, dissolve the grease, manage the staple to avoid felting and maximize durability and “bounce.”  Using high magnifications of the fibers and spun yarns, Margaret explains just how it all works.
Item #: 10SP07
ISBN: 9781596683631
Run Time: 86 minutes
Language: English
Discs: 1
Region: Universal